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Purchasing a house is a big step! It is a huge investment and likely one which you won’t do that often in your lifetime. That is why we would like to be your purchase agent. We will help you find the perfect home against the right price and conditions.

We will work with you to take all steps to ensure the best result. We will join the viewings and are very critical about the conditions of the house, and can provide advice on getting a home inspection report. We will guide you through the negotiation process and fine print, ensuring your purchase is informed and that you aren’t paying to much. We would love to discuss this with you personally – please reach out to learn more about our process.

Our Process
Our Process

A process designed to suit you!

We will customise our services to match your needs and wants, whether you are just getting oriented and want some advice, or you have already found the perfect home. We offer partial and full services, allowing us to be as involved or uninvolved as you wish, and that our real estate advice is available to you at an appropriate cost for your needs.

We start our processes by discussing which approach is needed in order to find or to get hold of your dream house. For example, we look at the business-related aspects as the budget and the conditions. But we also look at your personal circumstances like moving dates and what your preferences are. These are just some examples that play a role when choosing the right strategy.


Our connoisseur’s eye / our expert vision

As a purchase agent, we would like to join the viewings. We can add our expert eye and professional perspective to the viewing of the house. Does this house fit your needs and preferences? Are there any defects in the constructions or has there been bad maintenance? We also look at the zoning plan and determine if the asking price is realistic.


The negotiations

You have found your dream house! The next step is purchasing the house – but only at the right price with good conditions. It’s important that emotions do not manipulate the offer. Remember, real estate is an investment. Fortunately, our real estate agents are there to help you put together an offer to purchase and discuss all the details.


The purchase agreement

After agreeing on the terms, it is time to sign the offer.  We will go through the whole document and read every detail, as well as ensure all the agreements are stated correctly. This way we can ensure you are fully informed before signing the agreement.


Closing on a home

After signing the purchase agreement, we will ensure that the documents are stated correctly and delivered at the notary public. Additionally, we organize an inspection with the buyer and the seller to control if everything has left behind as agreed and ensure that there are no misunderstandings.  Even after the key has been received, we will remain available for you.


    For more than 20 years I am a satisfied customer from team Breunissen Makelaars. They always have a listening ear for several wishes, for example that a cow should be able to walk around the house. They are professional and good in negotiations. Corrie’s support is also very good, nice and quick! And it does not matter if the house is in Limburg!


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